Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up this Saturday.  It seems to me that this is becoming more and more of a commercial venture every year (a bit like Christmas and Easter) and that it is very far removed from it’s original 3rd century Roman origins.  The Catholic church recognises at least three Catholic saints named Valentine (or Valentinus) who were martyred (put to death for their Christian beliefs) History contends that one of these saints fell in love with a young girl, possibly his jailers daughter, and that the night before he was executed he sent her a letter signed ‘from your Valentine’.  He was executed the next day – February 14th.

Valentine’s Day greetings can be traced back to the Middle Ages and written Valentine’s began to appear after 1400. From the mid 17th century in Great Britain, Valentine’s Day was celebrated and by the middle of the 18th century it was common for friends and lovers to exchange gifts or handwritten notes.

Giving cards and chocolates became popular around the mid 1800’s and that tradition continues today, along with the tradition of giving flowers, usually red roses, with red being the colour traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day and love in general. Valentine’s Day cards were also meant to be sent anonymously. {SOURCE}

Flowers and chocolates are nice but it doesn't mean he doesn't love you if you don't get them.

Flowers and chocolates are nice but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you if you don’t get them.                       {IMAGE CREDIT}


So is all the hype now associated with Valentine’s Day worth it?  My thoughts are this……if you are in a relationship, it is lovely to be made to feel special by receiving flowers or chocolates or going out to dinner somewhere.  But I think having to higher expectations of your partner can leave you feeling disappointed and this disappointment can sometimes lead to arguments and a certain degree of bitterness.  Not everyone is a born romantic.  Plus spending a lot of money on flowers and chocolates does not necessarily mean that someone loves you more than someone who does not buy those things.  And why just reserve romantic gestures for one day of the year?  Surely if you are in love with someone they are worthy of special attention all the time?

Mr B, is not particularly romantic, although I did receive some lovely things from him when we were first going out and we do make an effort to go out for dinner or do something else special on Valentine’s Day but only if we are able to.  Last year we spent the morning wandering around Seaworld and then went out for lunch, before collecting the kids from school. But we also make the effort to do that throughout the year if we can – not just on Valentine’s Day.

Mr B and I have been together for almost 19 years now.  I consider myself very lucky that we have an excellent relationship and that he still thinks to tell me that he loves me, and even if he doesn’t say it all the time, I can see it in his eyes.

Love him everyday.

Love him everyday. {IMAGE SOURCE}

So if your boyfriend/partner/husband doesn’t go all out for Valentine’s Day don’t be disappointed. Sometimes it’s the little gestures in life that mean the most, not the big showy ones.  And remember that if you feel obligated to make a gesture, then it is probably not the right thing to be doing.  Love should be genuine and spontaneous, not done out of obligation or because society dictates that that is the way it should be.  Celebrate being in love with someone special because you want to, not because you have to.


Love Me

Planning For Our Future

Almost 4 years ago Mr B announced that he wanted to buy a camper trailer so we could get away a bit more often with the kids. I was a bit skeptical at first as we had only camped once before when the kids were little.  We have always loved travelling together and prior to moving to the Gold Coast in 2005 we had been up here for holidays both before we had kids and also when the kids were little.  So he really didn’t have to twist my arm very much before I said yes.

We have loved every single trip we have done in our camper trailer and you can read more about our adventures on my other blog – All Around Oz.  So far our trips away have been confined to just Queensland and NSW but we are hooked and can’t wait till we are able to do more.  If I had one regret it would be not doing more when the kids were little but now that they are at the pointy end of their school years (Miss M is Year 11 and Master B Year 10) we are quite restricted on the amount of travel we will be able to do over the next couple of years.

This is our camper trailer - the best thing we have ever bought.

This is our camper trailer – the best thing we have ever bought.

With me turning 50 this year (Mr B is a couple of years younger than me) we have started to think about planning for our future and what we would like to do.  Neither of us can see ourselves retiring and just sitting on our bums for the rest of our days so our plan is this – we are going to wait till the kids finish school and then upgrade to a caravan that we can comfortably live in for an extended period of time. And then hit the road and travel around Australia working when and where we can. I’m thinking somewhere in the vicinity of 5 or 6 years, may be more, may be less.  As we only have a very small family circle we really have no commitments that will keep us in one place for extended periods of time.

This nice! {IMAGE CREDIT}

This is nice! {IMAGE CREDIT}

So in preparation for this I need to start cutting back on our spending now as I know this lifestyle is not going to be cheap to maintain if we can’t find work every few weeks.  I want to start putting some extra money away now and get as much of our debt paid off as we can. I also have lots of ‘stuff’ that I really don’t use and am certainly not going to be able to fit in a caravan so I am starting to think about what I really have to keep such as photo albums and a few other precious belongings and what I can cull. I am prepared to be ruthless in my quest to get rid of this ‘stuff’ but it would also be awesome if I could make a few dollars along the way.

I don’t have enough stuff to get rid of at the moment to warrant a garage sale and I don’t want to pile it up somewhere until I do so I am going to try my luck at a car boot sale in a few weeks time and see how I go.  Mr B has been raked in to help and has some stuff in his shed that can go as well.  I also have a few bigger things that I will put on e-Bay.

Stay tuned and I will let you know how I get on!

Love Me